Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Sorry, but this will be a bit of a rant and rave, huff and puff post. A couple of news stories/issues have shown up recently and “I’m mad as hell and I just can’t take this anymore” (hail to Network).

Here are the three issues that prompted this post.

Police Chief is “Mothering” the Officers

A local police officer was just found guilty of excessive force that led to the death of a man. The local police chief (a woman) mentioned on the news this morning that she was here to mother the officers and help them along the way (I paraphrase as I could not find a transcript of the actual content). The hair on my neck bristled with the comment to mother the officers. WTF – you’re suppose to be the chief, the head of the department! They already have/had mothers. Nothing like that statement to set women’s rights back 50 years.

Women Shouldn’t be Firefighters

Cover of the book; it speaks for itself.

Was watching the Doctors the other day. Somehow the hosts got into an argument discussion regarding women being firefighters. One woman host said if they can pass the physical, mental, and psychological tests, then why not. But the two men hosts just couldn’t accept that. They weren’t even listening as they kept going on and on about they didn’t want to be in a fire and have a woman try to rescue them and she couldn’t. Obviously they didn’t hear the part about passing the same physical tests as men. Finally Jillian Michaels (a guest from the Biggest Loser show) stepped up and said of course a woman could do that. So one of the men lay down on the floor and Jillian picked him up, got him on her back, and walked down some stairs, across the stage, up some stairs and back across the stage. You go girl!!! Both of the men were doctors and they could would not admit that women can do somemost men jobs. WTF — am not watching that show again, not into men who can’t think except with their penis.

I am a Mormon ads

Please understand this is not about disrespecting the Mormon religion; this is more about the need to even have such an ad campaign. I understand the need to build up Romney’s religion to fight off the past comments that the LDS religion is a cult. Yeah, look, I’m a politician, I’m a father, and I’m a Mormon. So let’s do this for other ad campaigns.

  • I’m a husband, I’m a day spa owner, I have 2 dogs, and I’m a vegan.
  • I’m a runner, I own a bookstore, I’m a father, and I’m gay.
  • I’m an avid book reader, I volunteer at the local animal shelter, I’m a technical writer, and I’m an atheist.
  • I’m a college post- graduate, I’ve raised my daughter myself, I’ve worked a couple of jobs as the only woman, and I still only make 77 cents to a man’s $1.00.
The Bottom Line

We should all start the rat race from the same starting point. (photo from

The 2009 stats show that men are 52% of the workforce; women at 48%. Yet, men make up 72% of the executive, senior level officials and managers , while women make up only 28%. Of first level/mid level officials and managers, men make up 62%, while women make up 38%. Must be that glass ceiling.

As for monetary remuneration ($$), there has been some little forward movement since the Equal Pay Act of 1963. At that time, women were making about $.59 as compared to mens $1.00. Latest stats from 2010, show women now make $.77 to mens’ $1.00. WOW — 18 cents in 48 years!!!

In my geographical area, although women make up 67% of my profession, men still make more $$ (though I must admit, not much more, but more is more). I’m a woman. I’ve roared for over 40 years now.

  • I have a post-graduate degree in a field that was not women-friendly (at times, I was the only woman in a class).
  • I worked in two jobs where I was the only woman (except for the office women).
  • I entered swim races as the only woman and beat the guys.
  • I filed a sex discrimination claim against a previous employer and won.
  • I campaigned hard for the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s.
  • I could out-shoot the men of my rifle sharpshooter class.
  • I walked out on a car dealer who asked where the man of the house was when I was trying to buy a car. I then sent a letter to his boss and the big boss telling them they lost a sale due to an ignorant comment from a male salesman. I actually have done this twice over the years. When will people men learn that my money is just as good as theirs.

I have fought hard for women’s rights, not only for me, but especially for my daughter and younger women. But things have not gone as far forward as they should — and all I can pull together now is a little meow. (heavy sigh).

Who will take up this important fight? The ERA has 35 of the needed 38 state approvals. Wikipedia has a nice little history and update. See The Equal Rights Amendment organization for info on how you can help.


Comments on: "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar Meow" (1)

  1. I used to teach about women’s issues, so I hear you. The saddest thing is/was that younger students felt there was total equality among the sexes. After they took my class, they didn’t, but at the beginning, they didn’t know what the big fuss was about.

    Many people women and men still believe that all this stuff about women not being equal to men is a whole lot of hooey, regardless of the facts you lay at their feet (it doesn’t get all the up to their brains). We’ve still got a long way to go, Baby, even if we’ve made some progress. 😉

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