Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Princess Sunni waiting for all invitees to her birthday party. Such a patient kitty (and studious too).

It’s party time at our house; we’re celebrating Sunni’s first birthday! Get those party hats on and sing a little song (can’t mention it here because I”d then have to kill you pay copyright fees — or something like that).

Not that she needed it, but MeiMei gave her a new food bowl. I think MeiMei just wanted a new one for herself. I then gave her a speed circuit toy. Both kitties were hot on that for a while. I think it will keep both of them entertained.


Sunni taking a little cat nap about 2 weeks after I got her

So let me go back to Sunni’s beginning. It was a dark and stormy night when kitty was born. Sometime around November 1, so I just made it Halloween because she has that orange/black coloring going on. The kittens were found without a mom about 2 months later. The mom had been shot and killed. Sunni has a little buckshot in her from that cruel beginning.Once found, within a day, she was spade and then put up for adoption. I saw her in the local pet store (that shows/sells rescued kitties from the Humane Society).

A few days earlier, I had to have my oldest cat, Oreo, put down as his cancer had spread to his throat and he was having a tough time breathing. Needless to say, I was lost and so was little 6 month old MeiMei.

Keeping warm on the heating pad.

I was allowed to hold Sunni and she immediately started her purr machine. Love at first sight. The onsite vets checked her out and said she had a little fever. Since my vet was closed, I had them provide some antibiotics and off to home we went.

Sunni was very happy to just sit and cuddle all night and the next day.Unfortunately, this was over a weekend and by Monday morning, she seemed lethargic and wasn’t eating or drinking very much. I took her to my vet and they thought the antibiotic may be upsetting her stomach so they gave her a new one. Home again and she seemed to eat that night. But by Wednesday, she was even worse. Back to vet where they discovered that this little sweetie (Sunbae is Korean for sweetie), had lost half a pound in 2 days! She only weighed 3 lbs to begin with. They immediately gave her IV fluids and decided to go with an antibiotic shot instead.That seemed to do the trick.

MeiMei and Sunni snuggling by the computer.

While checking her out, they also discovered a possible hernia from being spaded. Since she was so sick, they took x-rays and discovered the buckshot. But the hernia was not to be (thank goodness) and she got better every day.  I must have spent hundreds of $$ on this little baby and I only had her for a week so far! The vet didn’t think she would have made it much longer and would probably have been euthanized if remaining at the Humane Society. They just don’t have the funds for every little sickness. So we saved each other.

Sunni fell asleep while reading with me.

Sunni is such a joy. She likes to sleep on my head (hard to breathe) and is very kneady (as in she kneads my arm or whereever she can while purring at top speed). Happy cat, that Sunni! If only she would use the toilet for # 2!!!


Comments on: "Sunni’s 1st Birthday!" (13)

  1. happy b day!!!!

  2. I’m happy to hear that you two have each other. Funny sometimes how things work out like that.

  3. Lucky both of you found each other – it sounds like a perfect match…

  4. Sunni has quite the life now that she’s with her loving Mommy! 🙂 She sure looks like a content Kitty.

  5. Happy birthday, little Sunni!! 🙂 Wishing you many years of fun and snuggles.

    I loved reading her story. She had quite a dramatic childhood, poor thing. It seems kitties always come into our lives at the perfect time, for us and for them.

    • Ain’t that the truth! Just like Sprocket came into your life. BTW – if he ever needs another forever home, he’s mine! Or since that probably isn’t going to happen, maybe I can be his godfather (really godmother, or something like that). 😉

      • You can be his godparent! He has a fairy godmother (the lady who rescued him from the roadside), but he doesn’t have a human godmother as yet. My brother already called dibs on him, even before I had named him, so I’m starting a waiting list. 😉

  6. I am quite convinced that cats are the most efficient heart thieves in the world. And we are their willing accomplices. This is how I got my earliest mogs:
    Kipper had early complications, but unlike Sunni, he didn’t make it. You are very lucky!! Viva los Moggies!

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