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State of the Plate

I was on the road for 6 hours this past weekend and enjoying the silence. Started playing the license plate game where you have to make a statement using the letters on the plate. I don’t deal with the numbers so it is just 3 words that fit together.

  • PYC — Play Your Cards (this one is my mom’s plate; she likes to play solitaire)
  • ABP — Always Be Prepared (this is my plate; how true)
  • CIF — Can I Fly (car that was old and slow)
  • ALG — Alright Let’s Go (car in a hurry)

And then there are the personalized plates. Some of them are very clever.

  • I XUD — I Exude ? Meaning what?
  • 8MSBHVN — Ain’t Misbehaving. Yeah, right!
  • WANDME — Wand me? Double you and me? (was the “u” already taken?)
  • 4GETU — Forget you? Going to be hard when there is a reminder on your car.
  • 82MUCH — Ate too much? Ain’t too much?

What would your personalize license plate be? Mine would be:
Can you figure out what it means?


Comments on: "State of the Plate" (10)

  1. Incognito!
    I’m totally stealing this game to play with the kids on the next road trip. Their game of “Punch Buggy” always ends up badly.

    • WAHOO — you got it! And it is a great car game. Been playing with my daughter since she was 4 (and is now 20). Good luck! I hated Punch Buggy, so changed it to Hug-a-Bug.

  2. Maybe WANDME worked for the TSA…

  3. My favorite is 82much. I’ve always wanted a personalized plate that says miao or mew or something feline. Not having a car, however, gives me very little chance to have a license plate.

    I’ll have to play your letters game the next time I go on a long drive.

  4. I wouldn’t personalize my plates–too easy for someone to remember should I be stalked by, say, a police officer!

    I once saw a great plate on an old VW Rabbit (remember those)? The plate was: 1WABIT1 🙂

    • 1WABIT1 is one of the best I ever saw!!!! And I”m with you in that I never ever want a vanity plate. I’m that paranoid that I would never want to be noticed. I prefer to be anonymous (or a nony mouse),

    • That is a stroke of genius!

  5. Were I the type to have a personalised number plate, I would only do so if I were a dentist. Then I would have OMY 230. As it is, I drive a rather dented car I inherited from my grandfather, so I don’t think I’ll be worrying about personalised plates for a while!

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