Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

According to some preacher (not using names as don’t want to encourage him), Friday, October 21, 2011 is Judgement Day. Mr. Preacher Man previously predicted May 21, 2011, but when that date fell through it was apparently just mis-interpretation, not an erroneous fact.

I can see that; sometimes I mis-interpret things too, such as when a work mate wants to get together for lunch, I think “going out” whereas she doesn’t. It can happen to anyone.

I should have been prepared, but I forgot. So now I have less than 48 hours to take care of my To-Do list. You know how I like to have everything planned out!

To-Do List Before Judgement Day
  • Go to my favorite restaurant for one last superb meal. (I do feel blessed lucky to be able to do this, because apparently prison officials are going to stop offering “last meal” to those on the date of their execution. Kind of the same thing, don’t ya think?)
  • Thursday night, stay up late and watch favorite funny movies, such as Blazing Saddles, The Hangover, and Top Secret (where Val Kilmer never looked so good). Never hurts to go out with a laugh.
  • Phones calls to family members to arrange a meeting place in the hereafter. I’m kinda shy and will be very nervous/anxious meeting new people so would like a few homies with me.
  • Stay home from work on Friday and sleep in, cuddle with kitties. (Am going to be tired anyway due to movie-watching.) If I awake, I am just early, so go back to bed.
  • Plan weekend blog posts (just in case Mr. Preacher man is wrong again has a new interpretation).

Hmmm — I’m actually coming up with more things not to-do, so am starting a new list.

Things Not To Do Before Judgement Day
  • Don’t pay November’s mortgage payment. Instead use the $$ to have a last meal (see To-Do list above).
  • Don’t eat all the Halloween candy I plan to take to Daughter when I visit her on Sunday. First, because it would make me sick and would hate to deal with that if I’m still alive. Second, I’d just have to buy more to give her on Sunday.
  • Don’t do the dishes; spend the last hours watching funny movies (see To-Do list above).
  • Don’t stress about toilet training the cats. I either won’t care or they won’t care (am sure someone won’t care whether they are toilet trained).

I’m sure there are a bazillion more things to think about, but I just didn’t remember in time to take part in proper planning.

Oh, and if this post offends anyone, please come see me on Saturday (in the hereafter, 7th cloud to the right of the Pearly Gates); I’ll apologize.


Comments on: "Planning for Judgement Day 10/21" (5)

  1. Heehee! The prospect of judgment day does not motivate me to do housework, but unfortunately surviving it motivates me even less. Besides, I think I can earn cosmic brownie points by sheltering poor unwanted dustbunnies.

    • Luv your attitude. Think I will join you in sheltering unwanted dustbunnies. As long as we don’t ship each other excess bunnies, I think we could make a go of this and earn super double-dark chocolate brownie points.

  2. thank you for this

  3. Some days I would just be ready to go.

    I refused to clean my house before the May prediction. “…Therefore, I will NOT lift a toilet brush, vacuum handle, mop, sponge, Swiffer utensil or dish towel on this day. Of course, that doesn’t make this day REALLY all that much different from any other day, I guess, Rapture or not…”

  4. I lived for 27+ years with EVERY day being Judgement Day. Preacher Man’s predictions don’t scare me one little bit! 😉

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