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In August, my daughter tripped coming out of the bathtub and grabbed the towel bar.  It bent.

The original bent towel bar; the start of all my earthly problems over the weekend.

Since I had to replace it, I decided to replace all the hardware in the bathroom. Yes, I’m into matchy-matchy.

After looking around for a few weeks, I found what I wanted and got it ordered. This weekend was the installation party. How hard can this be? Unscrew some screws, patch the old holes, paint the patch, add new hardware.  Easy – right?
First I decided to cut out a small area so I could match the paint color.

I was pleasantly surprised when the new paint did indeed match. So I could really get started. Here are the tools I thought I would need.

New paint, wood filler, spackle, putty knife, utility knife, and foam paint brush. not showing a simple little Phillips screwdriver.

I removed all the old screws and anchors. found that I could keep 2 different anchors; one for a hand towel ring, and one for the tp (toilet paper) roll ring.  Used the spackle for the dry wall and white wood filler for the cabinet.

This was one of the anchors I could keep and reuse.

After the spackle dried, I sanded it, and could then paint it.  Found that the look of the paint job is different when done with a brush vs. a roller. So I grabbed a little roller from the garage and rolled over the wet paint. Looking good!

Looking good Billy Ray!

Things are going well!  I’m excited to actually put the hardware up. I need to install an anchor. I figure out where it is supposed to go and figure I can just use a small screwdriver to make a hole for the anchor. Easy! Then I attempt to screw the backing to the wall.  Oops — the anchor hole is too big for the anchor and it basically falls behind the wall.  Hmm, I bet if I just use a bigger anchor I can still use the same hole. Yup – that works. so the first towel ring is up!

Nice brushed nickel towel ring!

So started on the double towel bar. I knew this would be interesting because I only had 25.5 inches to work with. The towel bar came with a template for placing the holders. Darn – can’t find my level. So I measured the markings 73 times and all was good. The template had the screws in a vertical row. I drilled and properly inserted the anchors. When I actually grabbed the holders, damn ##$@## — screws are horizontal, not vertical.  GRINDING of teeth……….

Back to the drawing board. Patch up the holes, let it dry, then paint.

By now, things are not going so smooth. remember the nice little preparation collection of tools? Well, here’s what it is by now — and this doesn’t show the drill and the 2 boxes of different drill bits.

Tools I'm now using, while grinding teeth; cat is just looking for a drink and not helping at all!

I reuse the template and am marking the center of the holders. Then I center the holder over the mark and mark the screw holes. Slight concern in that the screw holes are very close to each edge. I now use the drill and attempt to drill holes for the anchors. Goes through the dry wall easy as butter, but then I run into something else.  A stud? but not right on the dry wall? Huh? So tried to insert the anchors, but they would not go in the full length. Think they were running into the stud or whatever. I tried everything, but basically ended up pissed off and attempted to just pound the crap out of the anchor. Yeah, that worked well.  I tried shorter anchors but still had some trouble.

Finally got fed up with the double towel bar and just slapped it together. It is not 100% sturdy, so need to do something about that. And it is not level either. So will be having someone else come in and deal with it. I’m fed up!

Not level and not sturdy, but it looks good!

However, I did get the TP roll holder up on the side of the cabinet and it looks pretty good.

Thank goodness the TP is available, because the rest of the installation was crappy.

Now, the lesson learned from this scenario is to not get caught up in matchy-matchy because it can go bad on you! Only one little towel bar was broken. I really only needed to replace it and could have with the same icky looking hardware that I’ve stared at for 12 years. But nooooo…… I had to go matchy-matchy and replace everything (including my wallet) and I am not a happy handyman today.

Heavy sigh!


Comments on: "When Matchy-Matchy Goes Bad" (2)

  1. Tell me about it! I have a bathroom remodel going on, too. It’s the “little” things that aren’t so little when you start adding them up that shrink your wallet down to the size of a postage stamp.

    I do like what you’ve done to the place, though… 🙂

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