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How Toilet Training the Cats Provides Cardio Exercise

My youngest kitty, Sunni, has not fully grasped the use of the toilet for her #2 business. Very good at hitting the john for # 1. And MeiMei is a star pupil who does both as expected. But this little story is about Sunni.

While toilet training the cats, I have noticed that Sunni has often been reluctant to poop in the toilet. I can usually tell when she needs to go though as she does this little chirping sound and is quite restless. When this occurs, I keep an eye on her because I now know what the issue is.

Yesterday Sunni did not poop at all; not in the toilet nor elsewhere in the house (thank goodness). So I knew there would be some intestinal activity this morning. When I got up, Sunni immediately went in the cat bathroom (how frigging spoiled are they?) and dutifully peed. She received her bonita flakes treat and then it was MeiMei’s turn. Success.

Within a minute, Sunni was chirping like crazy. I would pick her up and put her on the pot (just like potty training a child). But no go — literally.  Sunni would jump down, run upstairs and start pawing at the carpet in the living room. I would follow her (running up the stairs too), and attempt to grab her. She’d run her little route through the living room, in one corner, under the stool, behind the papasan chair, to another corner, and then I would catch her. I carry her back downstairs to the toilet and place her on the pot.

Of course, she would not do anything except chirp, jump down, and start the whole  10 meter dash again — with me hot on her tail. After a couple of rounds of this, I could tell she was getting a little frantic so I made sure I was right there to catch her. At last, I placed her on the pot and voila!!

I ran up and down the stairs several times, around the living room several laps, and bent and stretched multiple times. The Sunni 10 M Poop Dash certainly got me up and moving for the day. What a way to kick-start the day!

Will probably do it again tomorrow morning, and the next, and the next….

Can’t wait until this race is over and done with.


Comments on: "Sunni’s 10 M Poop Dash" (8)

  1. and this is why I have dogs…

    I don’t have the energy you do.

  2. I have never endeavored to toilet train a kitty, but it sounds like you have thus far been successful. I am seriously impressed! I’m sure that Sunni will be following MeiMei’s example in no time.

    I love their names.

    • MeiMei is Chinese for “little sister” because when I got her, there was an older brother in the house. Sunni is short for Sunbae, which is Korean for “sweetie” which she is such a little sweetie. I too wish Sunni would emulate MeiMei in the bathroom business. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed.

  3. Hey Ms Mouse! Are you training them to use a toilet proper? I’ve been intending to start that with mine for a while, and now that the kits have night time roaming rights, I think the time is nigh. I’ve got a litter qwitter system all ready to go. Any tips?

    • I think the biggest tip, especially for multiple cats, is to only go as fast as your slowest learner. And go slowwwwwwww. Another suggestion is to join Yahoo’s Cat Toilet Training group (CatsT-Training). They have so many tips and tricks. I also use a flushable litter that makes it easier for me to just flush everything down the toilet. I’m on a sewer system (not a septic tank), and so far all is working very well. (Except Sunni doesn’t have that pooping in the toilet down!.

  4. No need to go to the health club for you! You’ve got a built-in stair-master and treadmill work-out for as long as Sunni decides she’s iffy on the poopy.

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