Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Friday, October 7, 2011 is World Smile Day!  Started by Harvey Ball, the guy that “invented” the iconic smiley, this is the day to revel in the joy of a smile.

Having World Smile Day on a Friday really gives a little more ummph to smiling. How simple it should be to perform at least one act of kindness on Friday and help one person smile.

In the perfect world, this should not be something to focus on for only  a single day or to only help a single person smile. Let’s all just be nicer!  Start today!

One of my goals will be to try for several acts of kindness and helping others smile. And not just for today. But for today, I will report back on my “acts of kindness.”  How about you?

To help you get in a joyous mood (tis easier to be kind when you’re happy), here are some pictures that make me smile.

Em dressing up to surprise my daughter on her 16th birthday. Goal was to embarrass daughter and make her laugh. It worked!

Brotherly love! Oreo and Koko, my beloved cats. Gotta smile!

Sorry, cant get up right now; my fresh nail polish is not quite dry yet. Dont you just love that hot pink color? I think it looks smashing with my black fur.

It is never too early to check out the Xmas wrapping paper inventory.

Clean dog and kid -- now that's something to smile about!

Happy now?  Get out there and be nice and help someone smile!

Comments on: "It’s World Smile Day :-)" (5)

  1. I had no idea Friday was that day. I can’t remember if I smiled or not.

  2. I wondered why I was smiling all day….. now I know..Thank you for clearing that up..
    What made me smile? I have finished, ribboned and wrapped all craft group I am
    also smiling as I brag ….Mom

    • Stop gloating! Though I’ve been working on mine for a week and getting close to being done. So I’m all smiles too!

  3. The cat with the pink nails definitely made me smile!! 🙂

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