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Did You Know That…?

Before I lost my mind, I was a warehouse of trivial knowledge. Usually winning the game “Trivia Pursuit” and also doing fairly well in Jeopardy. And it wasn’t just the fact that it was trivia for trivia’s sake; it was just so darn fascinating. I still find those little trivial facts to be highly intriguing, but now I have to write them down to remember them.  Thus my little nuggets of trivia today.  Maybe you will find some of these facts interesting too.

Clinking wine glasses

There are three thoughts regarding clinking wine glasses. My personal favorite is the first one.

  • When drinking wine, you experience all the senses: Smell (sniffing the wine), visual (look at the color), touch (holding the glass), and taste (ahh, the actual drinking). By clinking the glasses, you add the 5th sense of hearing.
  • There is another theory that revolves around the act of trusting your drinking partners not to poison you. Because the use of poison in drinks was quite popular way long ago, the host would slosh a little of his drink into someone else’s mug to see if it contained poison. For those that the host trusted, he would just clink the mugs together and not do a taste test.
  • And then there is another theory that believes that alcohol contained evil spirits. And when alcohol was consumed, those evil spirits entered the body and caused the drinker to do wild things. The act of clinking glasses resembled the sound of church bells, thus warding away those nasty evil spirits in the alcohol.
Animal facts

Cats, giraffes, and camels are the only animals that walk by moving both left feet, and then both right feet. Other animals walk by alternating their steps.

Ancient Egyptians would shave their eyebrows as a sign of mourning the death of their cat.

Cats purr at the rate of 26 cycles per second; the same rate as an idling diesel engine.


Firehouses have circular staircases due to smart horses. When fire engines were pulled by horses, the horses were stabled on the ground floor and the firefighters were on the 2nd floor. The horses apparently learned to walk up the straight staircase to the 2nd floor. Thus the use of circular staircases to keep the horses on their own floor.

The password for the World War II D-day invasion of Normandy was Mickey Mouse.

Now go dazzle your friends!


Comments on: "Did You Know That…?" (12)

  1. Great trivia. I used to be really good at Trivial pursuit. Then no one would play with me. My mother was a Jeopardy wiz – back when it was in black and white and the dollar amounts started with $20. She kept score on a notepad – deducting amounts if she guessed something wrong.

    Sadly, I have crammed way too many useless bits into my very limited storage cells and am lucky if I can remember even really important things, let along trivial things.

    • Wish I still had my mind too. Unfortunately, I still remember a bunch of trivia facts, but I can’t remember to turn the lights off on my car. Sheesh!

  2. fascinating stuff! the horses climbing staircases made me laugh.

  3. Okay so if I clink my glass when I’ve had too much to drink I won’t do wild and stupid things? Awesome, thanks for the advice. Love the firehouse fact! Good stuff.

    • Hmmm not sure about you not doing wild and stupid things. However, you should be able to trust who you’re with and maybe they will “save” you.

  4. One year, Alex devised his own Super Hero and costume for Halloween: Factoid Boy. I created (via the internet) a list of trivial trivia for him to dazzle each “candy supplier” house he went to. He would’ve loved these facts! I do, too. 🙂

  5. Totally with you on useless information – it sticks to my mind like glue. For instance, I am completely unable to forget that it is illegal to lasso a fish in Knoxville Tennessee? Unless they’ve changed the statutes there, that is!

    • Wow — I think that would be the perfect thing to know. Because then I could be a rebel and do an illegal act (such as lassoing fish) and retain my bad girl reputation without really doing any harm. I may have to do some research into those weird laws.

  6. Ooh, I love learning random facts like those. I think my favorite would be the one about the animals that move their feet in sync. The Internet is a great place to find little-known trivia bits like that!

    • I too really liked the animals that move their feet in sync. Especially since I then noticed that many many drawings of cats walking have them walking incorrectly.

  7. I love trivia and when I first started had a trivia question on it everyday. I especially love animal trivia. More please.

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