Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Today was a high energy day. It was supposed to be a lovely warm end-of-summer day, so I planned to do some painting outside. I am doing a little craft project and need to seal and then paint terra-cotta pots. I was going to do this out on the back deck, but the wind started picking up. Thus the garage was the appointed painting booth.

I slapped a canvas paint cloth on the garage floor (heavens to Betsy, don’t want to mess up that sparkling garage floor), pulled out the little craft table, covered it with newspaper, and started setting up. Did you know that Coke cans make wonderful holders for upside down clay pots? Well, they do. I didn’t want the pots sitting directly on the newspaper because the paper would stick to the pot (Jeez, I remember some 40 years ago that it was a problem when the paper didn’t stick to the pot — wink wink).

I left the garage door open and proceeded to spray a sealer on the pots. After a couple of trips, the spraying was done and the drying commenced. Not a bad way to start the day!

On to the cleaning of the house. I started putting away stuff that had been laying around.  That always brings about a sense of accomplishment. And then came the dusting and vacuuming. I was taught to dust and then vacuum. But others say to vacuum and then dust. So I think this is the perfect opportunity to try out a poll.

My vacuum cleaner has a little dirt found light on it that is green when the carpet is not spitting up any more dirt, and red when there is still a significant amount of particles being sucked up. My personal rule is to keep on vacuuming until the light is green. It’s back and forth, and over and over, and back and forth, and over …..   you get the idea. I had to stop to get some physical therapy on my shoulder with all that back and forth. And then I started thinking that I am governed (and confused) by the little red light.

  • When driving, red light = stop.
  • When vacuuming, red light = continue.

Thus I have decided to consider the red light on the vacuuming cleaner as a purple light (red light blues — get it: red + blue = purple).  And since purple is a favorite color, I will just vacuum as long as I want. If it turns green, great. But if not, purple is good too.

The bottom line is that the house is vacuumed and dusted (or is it dusted and vacuumed?). The Xmas gifts are under construction. The cats are snuggling with me, and I have a good book to read. Tomorrow is more the same and I’m excited because today was a success. Here’s rootin’ for a deja vu tomorrow.


Comments on: "I’ve Got the Red Light Blues" (3)

  1. LOL, foolish, foolish pollster to include “Call the maid as an answer.” You also forgot my favorite alternative to the maid, which is “Throw it away when it’s too dusty.”

  2. Ah, I remember that wonderful feeling of getting something accomplished. I’m living vicariously through your craft/domestic accomplishments. Me? I’m lucky if I shower regularly and Scrappy gets walked, what with all this blogging… 😉

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