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(To start at the beginning of the cat toilet training, see the Category CaTT)

After a couple of weeks of reasonable success, I decided to make the opening just a smidge bigger. I’m talking about one square inch bigger. Not all that of a change. Here’s what happened.

MeiMei: " Are you sure this is the same potty? That opening looks really big. Maybe it is a different potty. Let me look."

MeiMei:" I don't know. It looks and feels different."

MeiMei:" Hmmm, I can lay down in it. I didn't lay down in the other one."

MeiMei:" Sunni, what do you think? Doesn't it look different to you?"

Sunni: "Don't bother me with your stupid potty comments."

Sunni: " Geez!! Just leave it and me alone. I don't care!"

Sunni: " Guess I better check it out. (darn MeiMei)."

Sunni: " Holy Litter Box! It is bigger! I can even put my paw down that opening. Ewwww -- it's wet down there."

MeiMei: "Told you! I don't know why that litle whipper snapper won't listen to me."


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  2. It looks as if your cats have taken a liking to your toilet at least. Great cat-captions!

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