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Fickle Friday # 7

What a week!  Busy busy at work, and a pretty much nothing else. But here are some thoughts for the week.

Don’t Fix It If It Ain’t Broken

For whatever reason, while at the grocery store this week, I bought Trix cereal. Haven’t had this cereal for years, but it was my favorite as a child. So I saw it sitting on the shelf, calling my name. We became instant friends and it came home with me.

Tonight we became one when I fixed a nice bowl of Trix with bananas! It was as good as I remembered!

There is however, one little difference. A new color: a swirly red and blue.

In my opinion, this new color tends to distract from the other regular vibrant colors. So why fix what is not broken?

Fall is Here (for a few days anyway)

On Sunday, it was 93 F. And then the countdown started.

93    90    85    85    70    66

Yes, on Sunday it was 93 for the high, and today (Friday) the high was 66.  Let’s see, that is a drop of 27 degrees in 6 days! Although it is going to stay in the 60s-70s for a few days, the 80s are coming back (see the forecast).

Stop the Bullying!!

I was watching a show about bullying in schools and how some schools are trying to stop it. This made me think of how it is not only kids that bully, but also adults. Guess we know where some kids get it then. Here are a few instances of adult bullying that has happened to me. At least I think it is bullying; maybe the instigators are just a**holes.

Neighbor kids have harassed me for years (ringing doorbell and running off, phone hang-ups). Then they constantly throw their ball in my yard, hit the house, climb the fence, trample the flowers, and let the dog out. So one day when they threw the ball in my yard, I threw it back and said that if it comes over again, it was mine. Kids (14-15 years old) told dad, who then came storming outside asking why I was going to take the ball away from the little kids.(little kids?) Then he threatened to arrest me and take out an order against me. Oh, did I mention that dad is in law enforcement? I told him to stop trying to bully me and walked off. Have not had any recent issues.

A younger woman at work started by just teasing with the L (loser) on the forehead. One time was sort of funny, because of the situation. But then she continued doing it for weeks. I finally told her that I was not amused by her childish behavior and to knock it off. The L sign stopped, but she continued to do other little things that were quite annoying, at least to me. Needless to say, I quit thinking of her as a friend. She later left the company so  don’t have to deal with that.

My daughter was bullied in an organized club she belonged to out of school. I tried agenda to talk to the leaders about the situation but was told that they didn’t really see a problem. When I asked to have bullying put on the next meeting, I was again told it was not an issue. There were a couple of other girls who were bullied too. After talking to their parents, we all saw that the same child was doing the bullying, and that child’s parents were officers of the club’s organization. Hmmm, no wonder they didn’t want bullying to be discussed at a club meeting. Fortunately, daughter found a different club to belong to so she quit. Unfortunately, that experience has kind of turned her off of the sport of the bully club.  Again, there were adults involved who refused–or were blind–or just didn’t care–to address the situation.

Sad, isn’t it. Let’s all stop the bullying; can’t we just get along?