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MeiMei’s Photo Album

I was cleaning up my phone pictures and loading them onto my laptop. And I rediscovered all these cute pixs of my little MeiMei. So here’s a photo-ography of the kitty (currently 16 months old and doing a great job with the toilet training).

MeiMei's first day home. What a little whiner!

MeiMei helping me work. I think she likes being close to the mouse.

Just stretching those muscles. Computer work (like chasing that mouse) cramps her style.

That Comcast cable box is so toasty warm, with a little router for a pillow. How can life be better than this?

Loves climbing to great heights! And frightening mom in the middle of the night. (No wonder mom has nightmares.)

Getting comfy on top of the drying rack. And she can watch everything from up high.


Comments on: "MeiMei’s Photo Album" (4)

  1. Looks like one Sassy Cat who tires herself out with all her sassing!

  2. I have a cat who does the door thing – scares the crap out of me. So cute – yours I mean – mine is a ratbag

    • Jo – I’m guessing your cat is not really a rat bag. Don’t you ever wonder if they knowingly scare you? I know I wonder that a lot.

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