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Archive for Sep. 4, 2011

Say What You Are; 26 ≠ 24

There is supposedly truth in lending laws, and supposedly truth in advertising. So why does a 24 inch towel bar not fit into a 26 inch space?

Let me start at the beginning. Yesterday, Daughter slipped stepping out of the shower and grabbed the towel bar to steady herself. As you can see by the picture, the bar was bent and is now weak. We headed down to Lowes to find a replacement. Since the bent towel bar is probably 15 years or older, I was not surprised that I didn’t find the same thing.

One of my remodeling plans (which were just plans at this point) is to upgrade the lighting in the upstairs bathroom and replace the faucet. With the demise of the towel bar, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start this process and even take it a step further with towel hardware too. I looked at every towel bar in the store and decided on this nice brushed nickel one. And they had a double towel bar which I really wanted, so that made the decision even easier. They also had the matching ring hand towel holder, 18 inch towel bar, and matching toilet paper holder.

YES! I was into the process and bought all to start the upgrade in the bathroom. The excitement was overwhelming and I opened up the 24 inch double towel bar and placed it on the wall to see how it looks. CRAP! 24 inches is bigger than 24 inches! A typical male reaction; exaggerate the size.

No way is this going to fit where I need it to fit. The space is 26 inches, but the towel bar, including the braces to hold it are 26.5 inches. Heavy sigh. Now I have to go back to Lowes and find something else; something that is either what it says (24 inches) or at least within 26 inches. And of course, there must be some matchy-matchy involved and a style and finish I like.

It makes me not trust anything! 24 inches should be 24 inches! Or at least the labeling should say 24 inch bar, but an additional 2.5 inches for installation. Let’s start a revolution!