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My Top 5 Pet Peeves

Pet peeves–those little things that drive you nuts, and the more they occur, the nuttier you get. Here are my top five pet peeves; hope I don’t rant too much!

1.  Buyers waiting until a cash register total is completely done before they even start to get out a check book, debit card, or credit card. Good heavens–do they think that maybe they won’t have to pay for their items just this once? Maybe they are the 10,000th person to make a purchase today and it is free. Yup, I have nothing better to do while I (and everyone else in line) wait (not patiently) while digging in a purse or wallet. I must admit that I have only experienced women doing this. Pay attention people! You’re not the only one here!

2.  Cars tail-gating you. Especially when you are going the speed limit. And then they pass you , just barely making it, thus putting everyone in a precarious position. Best part is when you catch up to them at the stop light. So they have endangered my life through their rush rush, for no reason at all except to be ahead of you for a minute.

3.  People who are late try me nuts. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances for tardiness, but when it is all the time, I cannot abide by it. Sometimes it is a power issues (I am more important than you, so you have to wait for my heavenly presence). Sometimes it is just inconsiderate action and not even thinking about others.

4.  Gum smacking makes me want to punch someone in the stomach so the smacker would spit out the gum in one nasty exhale. My daughter is a gum smacker and I am getting tense just thinking about it.

5.  Irresponsible pet owners. I am crushed when I see an animal at the side of the road because a car has hit them. Keep your pets in an enclosed area to keep them safe! And if you have a dog that barks all the time, please do something about it before your neighbors get so frustrated that they call the pound and file a complaint. If you can hear them bark, then so can your neighbors!!!

What are your pet peeves? I want to know so I don’t do them; hate to knowingly do something that would tick you off!


Comments on: "My Top 5 Pet Peeves" (4)

  1. Yes, all of these are annoying behaviors. They are all thoughtless behaviors–things people do because they are not paying attention to the situation at hand or only paying attention to themselves.

    People not returning a greeting is a pet peeve–it’s a simple courtesy. Not holding the door for me when I’m clearly coming through in a matter of seconds is another pet peeve. I wait to hold a door open for man, woman, or child. I must fall under a separate category.

    I’m sure there are others, but my drier is buzzing incesssantly and I have to fold some laundry…

    • Oh yeah, I’m with you on both of your pet peeves. Although I must admit that since I’m hard of hearing, I may sometimes be accused on not returning a greeting. So to make up for that, I say “hi” to everyone! Hope you got your laundry folded; plases stop by and fold mine too 😉

  2. Mouse, yours are very good peeves. Mine are

    – cell phone use in restaurants (or, God forbid, the dinner table at my house). I’ve gotten use to people blabbing on their phones most other places, but put the darned thing away at least long enough to enjoy a meal, especially if I’ve prepared that meal for you.

    – servers who touch the rim of the glass I am going to drink out of. If you set it down in front of me and I’ve seen you touch the top 1/3 of the glass, you’ll be taking it back and getting me another. Sure, I’ve seen the signs in the bathroom that say you have to wash your hands before you return to work, but how do I know you’ve done it? And seriously, who needs to be reminded to wash their hands?

    – Litterers. I do a lot of walking and I see a lot of crap alongside the streets and roads. I know you don’t want it in your pocket, in your car, or whatever, but hang onto it until you get to the nearest trash bin. We all share this world and should keep it clean for one another. I’m actually going to do a blog post about the things I see on my walks.

    -people who have something that smells foul and they insist you smell it too. “God, this is nasty…Smell it”. I’ll take your word for it. Please.

    • Very good pet peeves! I had not really thought about servers touching glass rims, but it makes perfect sense. Now I’m probably going to be watching for that. OMG, I know people ask others to smell something good, but to smell something foul? YUCK – and I’m glad I haven’t had that experience. Or maybe I have, but just don’t remember. As for cell phone (or any phones), I practice the “just because it rings, doesn’t mean you have to answer it” motto. So it certainly applies to restaurants. At least my Daughter adheres to that one when she’s with me.

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