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Grilling Harry

Last night I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 in preparation for today’s adventure to watch Part 2. Daughter is obsessed with all things Harry (sounds a bit kinky, don’t ya think?). She was accepted through the Quill Challenge and gets to visit Pottermore before its official opening in October. So that has her in a frenzy absorbing the Harry Potter books again, and, of course, the requisite dragging of mother off to the movies.  Thank you Binks!!!

If you have not seen the movie yet, go–go now! It wraps up the entire Harry Potter series in a nice big bow. The special effects are indeed spectacular as always. The make-up for the creatures (including Kreacher – pun!) is unbelievable.  It was wonderful.  I have been grilled (questioned) to the nth degree but I don’t remember the details.  When I was in high school/college, Lord of the Rings was the books everyone read. We use to have trivia contests. Daughter’s generation is Harry Potter. Wish I could get her to read Lord of the Rings though.

After the movie we decided to grill all these fresh veggies we had. I bought a grilling basket and a corn on the cob griller to try out. The grilling basket was OK, but thinking that kabob style would work better for many of the veggies. Next time I will try putting veggies in the basket that will cook at the same time. The corn was quite delicious in the cob holder. Daughter didn’t like some of the parts that got a tad brown, but I thought it was all perfecto.

Here are some before and after pictures of the flowers I planted at my mom’s house at the end of May. She has a green thumb, as is obvious by the pictures. My thumb is not as green as my mom’s, but I must admit my tomatoes are going strong!





Tomatoes on the grow

Cherry Gold cheery tomatoes


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  1. Yummy in every way!

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