Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It has been about 24 hours since I introduce my two cats to CitiKitty in my attempt to toilet train them. I am flabbergasted at how they are doing in such a short time. Is it because I have highly intelligent felines? Maybe I’m the best cat mom around? Could it be that CitiKitty has a system and plan that works?

I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m hoping it is all three. Since last night’s post, MeiMei had used CitiKitty within the first two minutes. Yeah, that MeiMei rocks. But little Sunni was being not quite as adept at grasping the whole concept. When I finally went to bed, she still had not done the deed; she came close twice (actually assuming the position), but no cigar.

You can guess how excited I was this morning to find “treasures” in the CitiKitty tray. Someone (guessing it was MeiMei) had peed and pooped. So I cleaned that up–and by that I mean I flushed it down the toilet–threw in some more flushable litter and an enticing pinch of catnip. MeiMei immediately made a liquid deposit. So once again, I did a quick clean up and went to find Sunni. Sure enough, she was watching the morning routine and when I placed her on the toilet…drum roll please…she let go and peed in the CitiKitty tray. I was so proud, I almost cried (ok, no crying, but I was very happy and proud).

I had an appointment later in the afternoon and didn’t get back until early evening. All felines were piddling in the pot, even Sunni. MeiMei missed the litter and piddled on the back of the toilet seat; bet ol’ SpongeBob as glad I put him somewhere dry. My next statement will sound strange, but am hoping you know where I’m coming from; I would like to see a bit more poop. It’s only been 24 hours, and usually my cats are major poop machines, so I hope they are not hiding things from me.

For now, I am not changing anything and just giving them time to totally become familiar with the new system. I may start trying to get them to at least put their front paws on the toilet seat instead of their current “all in” stance. But that’s as far as I’m going to take it until I see consistent peeps and poops from both of them.

At the end of day one, I say “all systems go” and I mean that literally; # 1 and # 2 in the CitiKitty tray please. DISCLAIMER: All non-felines can safely assume that sentence does not pertain to them.


Comments on: "Quick Update on Toilet Training the Cats" (4)

  1. Hey girl. Read my post before you start the second hole. It’s been a rough week. You may want to consider cutting a smaller one.

  2. Wow I am impressed. If I could only could teach our Siberian Husky to do the same.

  3. Con-cat-ulations! I am truly impressed. And, I don’t feel quite so bad about doing my daily “Scrappy Poop Report” to my fiance!

  4. Congrats!! Isn’t is funny how excited we get over the smallest achievement with this potty training thing!! I was so excited yesterday because one of them used the hole. All I had to do was flush. Awesome!!!

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