Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Evidence A from Outside

Evidence B from Inside

Evidence C from Inside

Recently I was chatting with my neighbor and she mentioned that she thought I had a fire in the house. What? That statement set up a bunch a scenarios in my head. When I asked her why she thought that, we walked over to the windows on the west side of the house and here is what she pointed out to me. Neighbor said it looked like a candle had caught the blinds on fire (see Evidence A picture).

The original mention of a candle burning was a foreign situation as I do not burn candles in the house due to inquisitive kitties. What the heck would cause that? So I ran in the house to see what was what.First, let me provide a little background on the burn site. The window faces west and gets very hot in the summer. When I first moved in 1999, I put a type of reflective film on the windows that was to help reduce the heat coming into the room. I also put up fake wood blinds that work great for limiting light into the room. Usually they are closed all the way.As soon as I walked into the room, I noticed that a bag of fabric was knocked over and was leaning against the blinds, thus pushing the blinds against the window itself. When I removed the bag and opened the blinds, I was shocked at what I saw (see Evidence B).

The blinds were indeed burnt! And basically in the shape of the bag that pushed them against the window. My assumption is the cats knocked the bag up against the blinds, the sun caused the window to be extremely hot thus scorching the blinds that came in contact with the hot window. The reflective film on the window also appears to be burnt. Not only did the blinds scorch, but they warped (see Evidence C)! The scorch does not come off and now with the warping, I have to replace the blinds. I only hope I can still get the same style/look, otherwise I will have to replace all four blinds in the room.

So what is my burning desire today after looking at this situation?  Warn others of this situation so hopefully you can avoid the scorched earth situation.  Fix it and arrange furniture and stuff so it cannot happen again. And of course — go eat some ice cream and be cool!


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