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Planning my Next Breath

When it comes to making decisions, my thought process is rarely as simple as true or false, yes or no, black or white. Nothing is spontaneous about me; I plan my next breath. I also ponder each aspect of a task and look at every variable. And even then, I have trouble making a decision. Here’s my latest example.

I am planning to pick up Daughter at college next week.  She will be home for a month before heading back to college in September. One of the things we will be doing is placing some of her “stuff” in storage and then only bringing home items and clothes that she needs while she is home. So now all the pondering, “what if” thinking, and making a final plan. Most people would probably just decide to drive over on the designated day, load up the car, and drive back. Not me! I must plan every detail or completely fall apart.

Here are the basic facts that will come into play for a decision:

Takes 3 hours to drive to college. Daughter has to check out of dorm on the 27th. Must move stuff to storage. Will also be bringing home a friend of hers.

Now for the fun of trying to follow along while I “plan” this trip.

It’s summer and hot, and I hate the heat and don’t do well in it. Hard to believe that I lived in the Miami area for 7 years with my strong hate of hot weather. And just so we are talking the same heat, anything over 65 is too hot for me. So moving stuff to storage should must be done while it is cool. Can not count on it being cool in the evening, but it will definitely be cool first thing in the morning. Thus plan to move items to storage first thing the morning of the 27th.

That means either getting up early that morning and driving, then moving — or drive there the day before. If I am there the night before and the weather is not too hot, we could move stuff into storage that evening. If too hot, we can do it in the morning. That sounds good: having 2 options!

Hmm — what time do I need to be there the night before in case we can move stuff to storage?  6:00 pm would give us 2 hours to move stuff before storage place closes its doors. Which means I have to leave by 3:00 pm. Wait — summer construction is in full force and doing everything to slow down forward motion. So maybe need to leave by 2:00 pm.

Will I work from home that Tuesday and hit the road at 2:00 or should I go to work and leave at 2:00 to get on the road? Since I’m already taking a couple of days off, I should probably be at work. That’s OK, I can do that, but it means having to be sure the cats are prepared (food and water-wise) to be left alone for 1.5 to 2 days. Can do.

Guess I better make a reservation at my favorite motel in college town. Or I could save some $$ and stay in Daughter’s dorm room. Or will the girl who is coming home with us be staying in her dorm room? And if she isn’t, will it be too hot (no AC in dorm)? Thinking my personal comfort (not being hot) is critical (besides I need to be in AC so my friends in the hot midwest can live vicariously through my “coolness”). Will stay in motel.

When the 27th starts will depend on what was done the previous night with regards to moving stuff to storage. If stuff was already moved, can pack the car at 9:00 am, check out of dorm, grab quick breakfast, and hit the road before noon. If have to move stuff to storage, start at 7:00 am and then proceed with the rest of the activities. Sounds reasonable.

My head hurts with all this planning, option A or B, but if A, need to call in option A1 or A2, but if option B, do I grab option B1 or B2? OH, my head hurts even more now. Welcome to my life. Nothing is an easy spontaneous activity, everything is planned to the nth degree. What is wrong with me?

Think I’ll go get some ice cream and think about it. (Actually I will be reviewing the plan and hoping I didn’t forget anything that will throw me off. Don’t tell anyone; they already think I’m wacko.)


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  2. I always like hitting the road early to beat summer heat, but as it’s winter here you could just send some heat down here if that would help! I can eat ice cream in any season 🙂 Thanks for keeping up with my kangaroo blog.

    • I’m with you: ice cream anytime! I feel bad bitching about the weather because 70s-80s is what we’re having where I live. But much of the USA is experiencing hot hot weather. Heard it was 103 F. in Washington DC today. And only in the 70s where I am. So I don’t have much warmth to send you today. Sorry.

  3. Ice cream sounds good. That’s where I’d be right now if I were you. 🙂

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