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I have several pet peeves, but the misuse of it’s and its really irks me. It’s often seen in print (magazines, books), the Internet, billboards, reader boards, and signs. My vendetta against its misuse is to notify the responsible party; kind of my personal “educate America” mission.

This picture is a dedication at San Carlos Borromea de Carmelo Mission, in Carmel, CA. I’ve zoomed in on the offending piece. Did you find it? So Sherlock Mouse is on the case to find out how this could happen. Questions must be answered!

  • Why has this not been corrected since it was first unveiled in 1984?
  • Is this misuse an appropriate example for a school? (The Carmel Mission Junipero Serra School is a Roman Catholic elementary school (K-8) on the grounds of the mission.

Ok – enough of picking on it’s. This is a beautiful mission, dating back to 1771. Here are some other pictures I took while there (or did I take them while their? — just kidding).


Comments on: "It’s Its Own Issue – &*#$@" (2)

  1. It’s a shame that people aren’t more aware of their own language. All we can do is point out the errors unfailingly (and kindly) and hope that even a few more people get it right each time. That’s what I tried to do as a college professor. Lots of small changes add up and don’t feel so daunting as trying to change the whole world.

  2. Everybody has there pet peeve. Mine is misspelled words on signs. Don’t people ever read them when they’re done?

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