Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Sunni on the Mend

Thank goodness my kitty, Sunni, is on the mend! After several tests and procedures the diagnosis is just a nasty case of “upset tummy” brought on by eating a rubber band. Not just any little rubber band, but a big one, about 1/4 inch wide and a circumference of about 7 inches.  This was an occupational therapy rubber band that I used to exercise my hand after I injured it. Half of it is still among the missing, which may explain the irritable tummy.

Personally, I don’t understand the potential flavor of a rubber band. Did the hand cream I use rub off on the rubber band; does it have a cherry-like flavor? Does it have a similar texture to bad squid? Why would you chew and chew and then swallow? Now I have had steak with that consistency, which is probably why I no longer eat beef. Don’t believe I’ll be eating any rubber bands in the near future either–even if they have that marvelous cherry-like flavor.


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