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My Little Buckshot Baby

Today is the 13th. It is not Friday, but it doesn’t matter what day of the week. I laugh (ha ha) in the face of superstition; remember, I have a black cat! However, today I am hoping for the best and not practicing my voodoo or hoodoo or bugaboo. Send good thoughts to Sunni, my little buckshot kitty (continue reading).

She started limping on Sunday and is getting worse every day. Someone (by that I mean one of the cats) vomited on Saturday and in it was half of a big rubber band. And there have been recurring incidents every day since then, without the rubber band.

Today I took Sunni to visit Dr. M, one of her favorite vets. Dr. M felt a little “thickening” in her intestine and decided to take an x-ray. Much to everyone’s surprise, my little Sunni has a single piece of buckshot internally!! I got Sunni when she was only 8 weeks old, so who in the world would shoot a little kitty. Maybe they were shooting the mom and that’s why the kitties were alone and taken to the animal shelter. What a sad world when kittens get shot.

Back to Sunni’s diagnosis. Nothing seems broken or cracked in her hind legs. The fact that she hasn’t been eating well caused some concern. Dr. M gave her fluids, an antibiotic, and something to settle her tummy. Also took blood and sent that off with the x-ray to the super specialist dudes. I then brought her home. No food tonight.

Tomorrow morning I feed her and see if she eats; she should be hungry enough. And then call Dr. M and give her the update. And guess what? Dr. M is off tomorrow and she gave me her home phone number. (Dr. M cares so much. I don’t know where I have seen that devotion before — except for the other vets at the same animal hospital.) Unless there is huge improvement, I’ll take Sunni back to the vet in the morning while they wait for the results. If they deem surgery is necessary, Sunni will be there and Dr. M will come in to do the surgery.

I so love this animal hospital and all the vets there. They have treated my animals for 12 years. They were comforting and helpful when my previous 2 cats died within 6 months of each other. And my dog needed to be euthanized during that period too. I love them and obviously trust my kitty’s lives with them. Heck, they can even treat me!!

Although I’m a tad freaked out about Sunni, her buckshot (what a**hole would do that?), and possible surgery, I’ll be grabbing my black cat and walking under ladders.


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  1. I am hoping for the best possible outcome for Sunni. It’s just awful when an animal companion is not well and you feel so helpless to anything but wait. Dr. M sounds like she deserves the honor of being Sunni’s favorite doc, but even the best vets can only do so much.

    Think positive thoughts. They really do help! I will, too.

    • Thanks Lorna! My little Sunni is feeling better. She’s eating and has not vomited since Wednesday. Though she still is limping a bit. After all the tests (and ~$500), they think she just had a very bad case of gastroenteritis, brought on by eating a rubber band. And the cramping made her so uncomfortable that she limped. Anyway, thank you for the positive thoughts — they worked!

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