Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Finally I have an update for housecleaning goals from last week. All of Daughter’s belongings stuff junk has been toss or stored. She’s not due back for 17 days, so I better enjoy it while I can. Thank goodness too, as my weekend company came today. So here’s the latest and final update.

  • Complete the boxing/storage of Daughter’s housewares – DONE
  • Declutter the computer desk – PARTIALLY DONE
  • Pay bills – DONE
  • Dust –  DONE
  • Vacuum – DONE
  • Laundry – DONE
  • Place new table cloth on dining room table – No need to do as already nicely covered in cat hair
  • Put up canopy on deck and enjoy fresh air (while reading of course) – DONE
  • Find place to temporarily store items for August garage sale – DONE
  • Grocery shopping – DONE
  • Prepare goodies to take to 4th of July party – DONE

Before - Living room

After - Living room

I have previously shown before and after pictures for Daughter’s room. Now here are before and after pictures of the living room.

It is such a relief to get the majority of the house done. I still have the sewing room and my bedroom to clean, but am not setting any date for completion because I feel good about what I have already done. Am hoping the “good” feeling will carry over into a strong desire to now finish with the two rooms left.

We (I and company) are going to an animal sanctuary tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures!


Comments on: "Taming Daughter’s Tornado" (2)

  1. I got tired just reading everything you’d accomplished. Good on you kiddo.

    • Thanks — I was tired! And so happy to have a lot of stuff done. More to do, but taking a couple days off from cleaning. We boomers must carry (clean) on.

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