Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Offending Container

My daughter is the fire smoke bug (just to be clear and not totally misleading).

Let me set the scene and you decide. But first, no one was hurt and no property was damaged.

WHO  Daughter, her roommate, and all residents in the college dorm.

WHAT    Evacuated entire dorm due to multiple fire/smoke alarms going off.

WHERE  Newest dorm residence on college campus in small college town, USA.

WHEN  June 29, 2011, about 10:20 in the evening.

WHY  (And this is the interesting part)  Daughter was hungry so she put a frozen English muffin in a throw-away plastic container (like those little GLAD containers) and put into the microwave in her dorm room. Plastic container melted under the intense microwave conditions and smoke started pouring out of the microwave. Smoke alarm in the dorm room went off. Instead of opening window to get rid of smoke, Daughter opened dorm room door. Smoke pours out of dorm room and sets off smoke alarm in hallway. Fire alarm for entire dorm is set off when more than one alarm goes off. All of dorm evacuates; fire department rushes to save the English muffin. No injuries (unless you count the severely burnt container and a cremated muffin), and no damage (unless you count Daughter’s embarrassment).

After talking to Daughter (she called to fess up to the situation), there are lessons to be learned.

  • Don’t put plastic in microwave. (She vows never to use microwave again). I swear she was taught the does and don’ts of microwaving.
  • Ventilate room to reduce smoke, such as opening an outside window, not another door. Her uncle, a fireman, will be hanging his head over this one.

On the positive side:

  • Created a spontaneous opportunity for a residence get-together.
  • Allowed the Japanese foreign exchange students to see an American fire department in action. Thank goodness there was little action.
  • Provided a forehead-smacking moment which later led to laughs about stupid human tricks.
  • Gave me an interesting subject for a blog post.

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