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Beanie Baby Blues

There is progress in the house with regards to “pitch and woo.”  You know, pitch it in the garbage and yell, “woo.”  Although Daughter is doing all the work in her room, I am going to take some credit because:

  • I told her to clean up.
  • I already bought her bribery “clean your room” gift.

Many of the things Daughter is tossing for yard sale have sentimental value. Beanie Babies!!  Who can forget those little bundles of softness. Daughter collected them for a few years. One Xmas, I gave her a new one every day for Advent. Favorites were the flat-face bears, not the ones with a snout.  Geez – can you imagine being picky about your Beanie Baby? Yes, I can. After all, she is the child of a person who for many years would only put mouse-themed ornaments on the Xmas tree.

I think the ” I (heart) Beanie Babies” display stand will be a hit at the yard sale. If you don’t collect Beanie Babies, just repaint the top part to say whatever you want. Such as “I hate house work” and then place all that stuff that you don’t know what to do with on the display stand. Or how about “I luv chocolate” and fill the display stand with all kinds of chocolate bars.  A perfect solution — maybe I will keep it!

Only a few more days before Daughter goes back to summer school and her room should be clean. Then I have 1 day to finish up packing all those extras from her room before I have company stay for a few days. It’s gonna be a busy weekend!!!!!


Comments on: "Beanie Baby Blues" (3)

  1. ya it is tough to get rid of collections, but people need more space, here is a funny joke I saw about the beanie babies collectables market,

  2. Teeny Beanies make wonderful pin cushions. Not kidding.

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