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Clothes to Sell ?

Daughter has been working hard on cleaning her room. And I spent some time today going through the clothes she decided to part with. Am astounded at the amount of clothes she’s getting rid of: t-shirts, pants, sweaters, pajamas, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, and so on. I hung up the nice stuff on hangers and packed the rest away until the August garage sale.

As part of the garage sale, I also plan to get rid of some of my books, I think for now I will leave them in the bookshelves as I don’t have any place to store them until the garage sale. Am also considering putting my tons of quilting magazines out too. I don’t know if anyone would want them, but maybe so.

One of the best things about getting some of this stuff all packed and ready for a garage sale, is that I’m sorting through stuff in the sewing room too. Am getting excited about quilting again! And what could be better timing since the recipient of one of the little quilts I was working on will be visiting July 9.  I have the top done and the back done; just need to put them together and quilt it.


Comments on: "Clothes to Sell ?" (3)

  1. What a beautiful quilt. Clever lady.

  2. I too fell in love with the thoughtful…caring…..loving man we knew in the 80ths…
    we all loved that Chinese food…didn’t we? W.M.P.

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