Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.


My Hippy-Dippy Daughter

It’s been raining all day and kind of dreary inside out — and I am kind of melancholic this evening.  Daughter loves the rain and maybe I’m just missing her. So here’s my Ode to Daughter.

Single mom, only child; what could provide a better foundation for a mother-daughter love/hate relationship? Since Daughter is off to college, I feel like half of myself is missing.  It’s just been the two of us for so many years, that it feels like she has been amputated from me.

Am trying to be the good mom and let her live her life, make mistakes, learn who she is and who she wants to be,  but I still miss her like crazy. Daughter is going to summer school too, so amputation continues. And worse, she hopes to study abroad next spring in — wait for it — CHINA!

Now I’m so depressed just talking about Daughter that I need to look at the good times, so here goes!  Daughter is:

  • Very funny (must get that from me).
  • Incredibly hard-working  (have taught her well)
  • Passionate about many things such as running, rock climbing (so not from me)
  • A good friend to others and has good friends (at least the ones I know).
  • Adventurous and vibrant

Luv ya Binks!

Bouldering (photo by Colin Snow -thanks Colin!)


Shy and Demure -- NOT


Comments on: "Amputation" (1)

  1. Hippy dippy picture is the best of all – what wonderful expression!
    It’s not all that much better when both parents are in one empty nest. Detlev was not at all impressed when I announced I was going to expend all that extra energy on him! LOL

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