Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I was stricken with an extreme headache this morning, so stayed home to recover. Felt better this afternoon and was able to get half a day of work done.  I guess that is one thing about not having Daughter at home; I can have complete peace and quiet. NOT! Daughter calls it “piece of quiet” which is kind of right on track for its meaning.

Anyway, back to the cotton swabs. The other day I mentioned cotton swabs and Sunni, the kitten. I’m trying to get over headache when I again hear racket in the house. Apparently Sunni had pulled out her stash of cotton swabs and was playing with them. MeiMei (the older) decided she wanted to play too.

MeiMei hogging the swab; poor Sunni.

So the battle ensued and they were flapping around so fast I couldn’t get a good picture. I tried to get a video but as always, the cats stopped their antics. Thus an innocent picture of MeiMei hogging the swab. And Sunni looking upset as if the say “It’s my swab you bully cat.”

I left them to battle it out themselves and went back to bed. When I got up later there was no sign of the cotton swabs. Wonder where Sunni stashes them? Guess I’ll find out when I get around to vacuuming.

WEATHER ALERT!  I just heard the weather guy say there is a possibility of reaching 80 degrees within the next several days!  Yikes, guess I better check out the AC and turn my sprinkler water on. And just in time for June!


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