Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Hijacked by Pain

Ouch, owwie, ohhhhh, scream!!  Am having a sciatica episode this afternoon/evening and can not move or walk without searing pain. HATE IT!  And because I am so committed to my new goals, I tried to do my 15 minutes of clean-up. Owwie, owwie  (is that how you spell it?).  So decided to take a pain pill and not move.

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, a type of arthritis. Have had it for some 30+ years and there are good days and bad days. I have been lucky in that I haven’t had any sciatica episodes for about a year, and now within the last month, I have had several. Makes it tough to do the work that needs to be done (flower planting, house cleaning, walking). But more on all that later as I am PO’d that it is acting up right now so will not give it any more attention.

Now I have to still do something instead of just potatoing in front of the TV. Am adding tags to my posts now and reading more about what I should be doing. Have gotten a few comments from some friends and even an announcement at another friend’s blog.  Thanks Heidi and Karen!

While I’m sitting here (in less pain now), I realize that I have several interests that I have let fall to the wayside because I have been wallowing in depression and lack of focus. And the worst of all, I have let myself down by ignoring activities that give me joy and a sense of accomplishment.


Starry Night (one of my favs)

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic photo frame (starring my daughter)

And lets not forget the one thing that I still do every single day: read wonderful, wonderful books!! More later on reading! right now I’m reading ” Crunch Time” by Diane Mott Davidson.

OK – am getting loopy so have to sign off and go to bed.


Comments on: "Hijacked by Pain" (2)

  1. Hey, I’m a quiter, too. Love your work and sorry to hear about your arthritis. It doesn’t seem to stop you from creating beautiful fabric art and neat stories…

    You have a new fan and subscriber!

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